Factions in Medieval Empires

Before the journey begins, players will have to choose which faction they want to play with. The game will initially feature two factions, though more will be added in the near future.

English Crusaders

Crusader armies are disciplined and well-armoured knights. They also contain heavy cavalry, infantry and ranged troops such as archers or crossbowmen.

Under the leadership of Edward 1st, aka Edward Longshanks, the ninth and last Crusade will see action in Syria, Palestine and what is now Israel, surprising the Turcoman and Baibar armies in operations throughout the Holy Land. 

Turkic Tribes

Nomads from the hills of Anatolia, the Turkic tribes are a fearsome infantry known for their stealthy and ruthless nature. Their most dangerous weapon is the harquebus, which can lay waste to the Crusader knights and any ferocious enemy. These men will never back down, never surrender. They are fighting for their homeland.

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