Gameplay Area

The gameplay area would be divided into three sections: World Map, Provinces, and Town. The map would also include counties, which are sold as NFTs through land sales.

World Map

The World Map view provides an overview of the land in Medieval Empires. This is the broadest view available from where the player can access other parts of the game and remain updated on the big events happening all over the game's universe. Furthermore, landowners can use this view to manage their contracts. The World Map would contain all Provinces.


Provinces are the pieces that form the World Map. Most player interactions not directly related to production or progress will happen here, such as Missions, Events and Battles. Players will be able to purchase a county or counties within a province. A province comprises of upto several hundred counties.


A County is a piece of land within a Province where 4 to 16 players can settle their towns, including the landowner. Counties have prestige which can vary based on how effectively players in these counties are battling and defeating invaders.​ Counties can unlock units, decorative items and possibly more in the future. They may even provide a bonus on harvesting resources or unit production speed.


The town view is the closest view to earth in the game. Towns are the centre of progress and production. Here, players can produce and upgrade everything, including units, gear, and heroes. It is the economic centre for players' activities and a core element in the gameplay. In addition to training different types of units, the player will also produce the core resources of the city-building aspect: wood, ore, and wheat. Players can also customise their towns according to their personal cosmetic preferences.

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