Battle System

The Battle System is an integral feature of Medieval Empires - With each enemy you defeat, and each town you successfully defend, there will be rewards and prestige.

Step 1: Set up an Army

Each army will have a hero as the commander, along with many more heroes, units, and an identifying banner. Units and heroes can be grown and expanded, but only to a certain limit.

Step 2: Send the Army to a Target

Players can send their army to attack a target, with the hero (and banner) representing the army on the map.

Step 3: Battle

As soon as the army reaches its target, the battle will start. Upon completion, the player will receive a report of the battle.

Step 4: Results

After each battle, heroes and units lose one durability. They will also need time to recover, depending on the Hit Points (HP) lost during the battle. If the battle is won, players will receive rewards.

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