Medieval Empires is set in the brutal 13th century, with many warlords, barbarians, and factions fighting for control of the region. With enemies around every corner, players will have the option of becoming merchants, warriors, or mighty clan leaders.

While fighting off invaders, players will build towns, raise armies, recruit heroes, conquer lands, and create their own clans in a historically inspired strategy experience. With constant ongoing battles, players will have the opportunity to train their heroes with a variety of actions and experiences.

The majority of initial gameplay will be in a passive PvE mode, with aggressive PvE and PvP gameplay modes being optional. Furthermore, several basic items of the game (e.g. land) will only be created (and initially sold) by the game makers. However, as the game progresses, most items will be created by players, which will make trading one of the most inherent interactions of the game.

Owning land and subsequently becoming a clan leader is something only a minority of players will be able to achieve since the overall land is limited. Land can be bought as an NFT from one of the supported NFT marketplaces.

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