Players' Journey

Medieval Empires places you in the boots of a medieval war hero on his rise to power and prestige. Starting as the leader of a small village, you gradually turn your lands into a prosperous emirate by trading, fighting, forging alliances, and building powerful empires with other players.

The player's journey begins in a PvE area. While building your town and training heroes, there will be constant invasions on your land that will need to be addressed. You can also become a landowner through NFTs. Your town can be placed on your land and you can claim taxes from other players who want to build on your land.

Events will also be taking place simultaneously in other provinces. Players will be able to participate in these events by building temporary camps. These events will happen in the form of PvP battles and aggressive PvE missions, with great rewards and fame as the ultimate prize.

Players who are less interested in competition can focus on managing their land and clan or can become astute merchants who engage in trading with other players for in-game items exchangeable for cryptocurrency.

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