Features of the Game

Medieval Empires offers several outstanding features that make the game a truly one-of-a-kind masterpiece!

Multiplayer Online Strategy

Fight off invaders, build towns, raise armies, recruit heroes and then explore and conquer lands in this free-to-enter, historically inspired strategy experience.

Play-to-Own Gameplay

Smart NFTs and on-chain gamification, paired with captivating gameplay to ensure a strong Play-to-Own focus.

Persistent Online World

Players buy land to become 'Beys' building realms that leave a lasting mark on the world. PvE and PvP territories change ownership as the world continually expands.

Community Battles

Seasonal Battles offer recurring events for players to prove their skills and earn unique trophies, glory and crypto rewards.

Physical & Digital NFTs with Utility

Some NFTs aren't just digital but physical too! These real-world unique items are sent to players as collector items and entry tickets to unique online and offline events.

Massive Historic Battles

Once-in-a-lifetime Historic Battles draw thousands of players into fights, leaving a lasting mark on the game and permanently expanding the playable world in Medieval Empires.

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