Player Goals

To conquer and dominate the game universe, players will complete different kinds of goals in their medieval adventures, including short-term, mid-term and long-term goals.

Short Term (same day)

  • Battle invaders

  • Daily mission tasks

  • Claim resources

  • Produce Items/(N)FTs

  • Trade

  • Upgrade Low-Level Buildings

Mid-Term (within a month)

  • Upgrade High-Level Buildings

  • Unlock new game elements

  • Participate successfully in Events (Solo & Clan)

Long-Term (up to a year)

  • Run a successful Clan (which can be multiple sub-points like high income, a large number of loyal followers, a big impact on related Events, etc.)

  • Ability to lead leaderboards (including i.e. RvR-Event-Leaderboard)

  • In-game prestige

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