Mission and Tasks

General Tasks

These would include tasks such as collecting resources in the town and killing invaders on the map to gain rewards (mainly more resources) and prestige for the province.

Daily Missions

These missions are refreshed daily and created randomly. Players receive rewards upon the completion of each mission and achievement of milestones. The largest reward is received on the completion of all daily missions.

Daily missions can be of three types. The first would include simple tasks such as killing five invaders, harvesting 100 food units, upgrading barracks etc. The second kind would include short stories on the province map, where the player would need to send an army to investigate a problem and then send an army to resolve the issue. The third kind of daily mission would be guided activities, such as searching for a bandit in a certain area on the map and eliminating him.

Story Missions

These are predefined missions that would be guided by the faction leader. Story missions would end when the player has repeated, multiple times, all important actions of the game, such as building and upgrading buildings, creating and upgrading units, creating and levelling up heroes and fighting invaders, followed by healing units after a battle.

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