Value Cycle

The Value Cycle for the MEE token at game launch demonstrates the play and own part of the game and how players can generate value based on their play through Medieval Empires.

Four interconnected Real Native Currency Value Streams are the pillars of Medieval Empires' economy:

· MEE as a basic Utility Token: MEE can be used as in Game currency, it can also be used as the currency or medium of exchange for various value and add on benefits available to players to enhance their gameplay experience of the Game. Further, MEE provides community and political influence, plus Airdrops and special Lands, all of which enhance the gameplay experience.

· MEE as a currency for Dex Trades: MEE can be used to get game coins and items usable in the game on the Medieval Empires DEX.

· GameFi: MEE token can be used to buy and trade Lineage tokens and Heroes.

· P2P Taxes: Land NFTs allow players to tax others while sharing land with them, and both get to build, loot, craft and gather resources on this land. MEE will be usable to pay P2P taxes and land rent as well as purchase any upgrades and skills available in the game, for players to boost or speed up their performance and progression in the Game.

MEE may be usable by independent third parties for other use cases such as staking to participate in independent player guilds. However, these would not be under the control or direction of the Company, nor is any such use case an intended functionality created by the Company.

As and when future regulations permit, the Company may build additional features into the token or create ways for holders to benefit from holding the token. There are no concrete plans at present to do so until regulation surrounding tokens is clearer.

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