Upcoming Features & Content

Medieval Empires will be adding a series of exciting new features, item types and content to the game in the future, to make sure that the players always get the best, most enhanced gaming experience!

New Features

  • Clans & Alliances of Multiple Clans

  • More Single-Player Missions

  • Clan-Missions – Where Clans would collaborate daily

  • In-game Marketplace & Auctions

  • Social Media Shareability - Sharing animated images, etc. on social platforms

  • Prestige-System – Influencing benefits on counties

  • Land-Improvements – Using legacies to create permanent perks for counties

New Item-Types

  • Boosters – Consumable items that have a temporary effect

  • Gear for Heroes – Items with durability which improve the stats of heroes

  • Mounts – Heroes can be modified into cavalry through the addition of a mount

  • Cosmetics – For Heroes and towns mainly and potentially for the county as well

  • Ingredients – Needed to craft Boosters, Gear, etc.

New Content

  • Buildings: Crafting-Building, Defense-Buildings

  • Units & Decorations: To allow for individually customised city designs

  • New Factions: Add further factions with individual characteristics for more enhanced gameplay

LiveOps Battles

In the near future, Medieval Empires will feature several 'LiveOps' events, in which 'historical battles that took place in a specific area of the game's world will have 're-runs' at the same time of the year as the actual historical event.

For instance, if the Mongols had a great invasion in the Summer of 1241, Medieval Empires would have a 'Mongol Invasion Event' launch and run each Summer. These events are large-scale PvP battles in which players can earn specific rewards/NFTs.

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