Events & Rewards

Events on Province Map

These events will always focus on battles and will be split into three dimensions: Enemy Type, Grouping Type, and Goal Type.

Faction Events

In faction events, all provinces of a faction participate. These events could be bound to certain occasions specific to the faction, such as National Day, Eid-al-Fitr or Easter. The goal in such events might be actions like finding certain objects on the map and collecting them, beating special invaders or producing a specific item.

Global Events

These are rare events that work similar to faction events, except for the ranking, which is across all players. Global events could be New Year, International Moon Day etc.


Rewards can be personal, clan or faction-level. Personal rewards would be granted on a regular basis upon completion of certain milestones. Clan rewards may be giveaways or unlocks. And faction rewards could be permanent unlocking of a new province or a temporary boost on a certain production.

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