The Tech Behind Medieval Empires


Medieval Empires is being built on the Polygon blockchain, as it provides a great blend of features, including player reach, developer ecosystem, low gas fees, security, and speed. In addition, the Polygon blockchain is more environmentally friendly than other leading blockchains, in accordance with MoonGaming's core value of caring for the planet.

Game Engine

The game is currently built in Unity 2022 Tech Stream. It will transition into Unity 2022 LTS and stay there for 2 to 3 years. The engine provides an extensible, high-quality asset pipeline, a large developer talent pool, and reliable reach into the primary platforms the game is planned to launch on.


The game will be playable on PC (Windows), Mac (OSX), and Mobile (iOS and Android). There will be an entry and overview experience ("Show Room") with the World Map and some select features on the Website, using WebAssembly and WebGL in supported browsers. This will help onboard players and assist them in determining the platform of their choice.

All platforms are fully interoperable and allow for cross-play. Players can use multiple platforms for gameplay - for instance, they can continue their PC game session on their mobile phone when on the go or can use their mobile phones to respond to and sign crypto transaction requests they see in their Game Client or Wallet.


Medieval Empires' backend is hosted using MongoDB Realm on MongoDB Atlas. We rely on AWS Amazon Web Services as a CDN, primarily S3 with CloudFront. The game will run in a single shard game world, meaning millions of players will be able to freely interact with others in the game's universe, simultaneously.

Medieval Empires will use MongoDB's Realm to provide a seamless experience for players, along with optimized partitioning and compression of the data streams synced with each player's clients. It enables us to maintain an almost identical code base for all target platforms, unifying the game's production, performance, and quality.

MongoDB Atlas provides excellent in-place analytics and live updating capabilities for all data and players.

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