Types of Land

There are different types of land, defined based on ownership or gameplay. These can be separated into the following:

1. NPC – owned land

2. Player – owned land

This basically means that not every land can or will be purchased by the player. Certain parts will always be held by the game, for new players, or for in-game events later.

Land that is owned or ownable by the players will be purchasable via NFT marketplaces. These lands can be used by the players themselves and/or can be rented out to tenants. The players would only need to live on one of the slots and can rent out the rest. Depending on the land, the number of tenants will differ quite a bit – ranging from 4 town slots all the way up to 16. Please note that this will always be PvE land which cannot be conquered or taken away from the player in any way.

Besides that, the land can be divided into 5 different Tiers, depending on its quality. While Tier 1 offers the most basic benefits, Tier 5 offers a wide range of benefits, boosts, and other positive traits. Land Tiers are discussed in more detail in the next section.

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